Event: Rhode Island Fishing Trip with Tight Lines for Vets

Combat veterans can set sail aboard The Seven B's in Rhode Island for the first annual Tight Lines for Vets fishing trip.

From Stephen Ziegenfuss, founder of Tight Lines for Vets

As founder of Tight Lines for Vets, I too am a combat veteran that has made fishing my lifelong pursuit. Fishing has always been a therapeutic experience for me, but even more so after completing 3 combat tours. The calm and relaxation one can experience while on the water can do wonders for the soul. Fishing will not erase the tough situations we have faced, however, it can allow you to reflect on those situations in a calming environment; or it can make you so focused on the mission of catching the next fish, that those situations do not have time to enter the mind. Personally, the way I feel internally when remembering certain events while driving, working, or sitting at home, is more stressful for me than when I think about those same situations while on the water. I wholeheartedly feel more of our veterans can benefit greatly from spending more time on the water.

That is what helped bring this event to life; our family’s love for the military and fishing. We decided to personally secure the boat and utilize any donations we receive to help assist us in meeting our three main objectives.

Primary objective- $1500

These funds will cover the cost of the tip for the crew on board the vessel as well as breakfast and lunch for the participants. Also will go towards the cost of the t-shirts that will be provided.

These funds will cover the primary objective while also putting a deposit down on the vessel for the next trip.

These funds will be put to the above-mentioned objectives with the remaining to be used to select 4 combat vets and provide them with an all-expense-paid trip to a veterans retreat.

Thank you and tight lines!

4 on “Event: Rhode Island Fishing Trip with Tight Lines for Vets

  1. Bob marco

    Hi I am a retired veteran 22 years ,however I am not a combat veteran. Is this charter just for combat related

  2. Tight Lines for Vets

    Hello Bob,
    I am so sorry for the delay in response. I didn’t see this comment until just now. Yes, this event is for Combat veterans but we do plan on hosting other events that may be open to all. Also, if you email me with your name @ TightLinesforVets@gmail.com I can add you to our contact list. We recieve a lot of free veteran opportunities from other organizations for a variety of things, fishing included,
    and we forward them out to our contact list. These opportunities are open to all veterans. Look forward to hearing from you Mr. Marco
    Thank you,
    Tight Lines for Vets

  3. George Pritchard

    I am a disabled combat veteran and I would love to go fishing.

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