Early Riser Coffee – Morning Mend

Early Riser Coffee: Morning Mend

Being fishermen first, a good coffee is measured by its early-morning impact. Morning Mend, by Early Riser Coffee Roasters, is a medium-bodied blend that served us perfectly as that all-important first cup of coffee to start the day, as well as the mid-morning riverbank re-fuel. Morning Mend is not only effective, it is also quite delicious and ethically sourced.

Early Riser Coffee Roasters is based out of Dorset, Vermont. They’ve partnered with Trout Unlimited and 2% of all proceeds go toward clean water restoration and Trout Unlimited’s 5 Rivers college outreach program. Sipping on delicious coffee while supporting the clean water for fish? A win-win.

It turns out the On The Water team is as proficient at sampling coffee as we are fishy beers – two beverages fishermen typically won’t forget to pack, piping hot coffee to start the day and a cold beer to cap the night. If you’re interested in supporting a local brand that supports trout fishing and makes a great product, Morning Mend is absolutely worth a try.


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