CT DEEP Requests Volunteers for Herring Observation

Help the Connecticut Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection gather info about migratory river herring this spring.

The Fisheries Division is seeking those with a keen eye for Blueback Herring and Alewife runs. There have been very low returns since 2021 and the need for looking hard and reporting observations – even if there is only a few fish – is requested. We are looking for folks to keep an eye on their local waters, especially southwest CT, that traditionally have a spring run of “buckies”. If you are interested in being a river herring observer, please reach out to Kevin.job@ct.gov or when you see fish returning please email Kevin.job@ct.gov and let him know.

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2 on “CT DEEP Requests Volunteers for Herring Observation

  1. NO3

    i thinking the collapse of the river herring run it due to lack of key nutrients in the environment, mainly nitrogen and phosphorus. From the past 30+/- years publicly owned treatment works that discharge into the CT River and Long Island Sound have had to remove one or both of these key nutrients. Too much can lead to hypoxia bit too little will cause the collapse of the primary producers in the ecosystem.

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