Choosing the Best Fluorocarbon Leader

Seaguar Sets the New Gold Standard in Fluorocarbon

Why use a fluorocarbon leader instead of mono?

Fluorocarbon has several benefits over mono – it’s more abrasion-resistant, and it has less stretch – but the main reason most fishermen choose fluorocarbon is because it’s less visible to line-shy fish. Most anglers would agree that it’s worth the extra cost of fluorocarbon line when it can make the difference between actually catching and simply fishing.

If you’re serious enough about catching fish to go with a fluorocarbon leader, then why wouldn’t you opt for the very best fluorocarbon – the thinnest, strongest, least-visible leader material available?

That’s exactly the motivation behind Seaguar’s new Gold Label fluorocarbon. Gold Label was designed for experienced anglers who know that it’s all in the details, and the most important detail is the last few feet of your connection to the fish of your dreams.

Seaguar gold label fluorocarbon leader
“Knots that I tie with Gold Label cinch down like a dream. I typically tie FG knots for my braid-to-leader connections; because Gold Label is so thin and manageable, those knots are easier to tie than ever. They are incredibly compact and bullet-proof. And the Palomar knots that I use for lures – they are 100% reliable.” -Mark Davis, Seaguar pro.

Seaguar is synonymous with quality fluorocarbon, and Gold Label is 18% thinner than any fluorocarbon leader they currently make. Because it’s thinner, it’s even less visible in the water and it’s more soft and supple. That extra flexibility means your bait will have a more natural action and your knots will be easier to tie and cinch down tight.

When you care enough to fish with the very best, go for the gold. Seaguar Gold Label comes in six versatile pound test ratings, ranging from 15-pound-test to 40-pound-test, on 25-yard spools.

Video: Jim Sammons explains how thinner fluorocarbon leaders help get more bites.


7 on “Choosing the Best Fluorocarbon Leader

  1. Morgan

    Seems more like an ad promoted by the company than an actual review which is why people read this magazine. I hope this is not the direction the magazine is going in.

  2. John

    I agree
    What’s the point of wasting my time watching a commercial basically.

    I want to hear from fisherman using it and giving me the unbiased opinion.

    Personally I only use seaguar as my leader
    Never tried the Gold.
    I’m curious about the price vs performance.
    I’ll give it a try and chime back when I do

  3. Blanch

    Iv gotten the same amount of bites on mono to fluro. Even in clear florida waters mono works just as good. Caught many of fish on straight braid so hard to believe in line shy fish. Abrasion resistence, ya fluro wins but for the cost of mono easy enough to tie up new leader. Cu

  4. VTDoc

    Ah….The age old question of line-shy striped bass…I think most of the bass I’ve caught have been with either direct tied braid, or old mono with steel leader, or fluro leader…..It seems to me that if they’re there; they’ll hit it….

  5. Ken Martin

    I like that sts florocarbon leader they make for salmon better for making rigs. It is only $16 for 100 yards of 30lb and is a little stiffer. I don’t know why it cheaper, but I love it.

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