BUBBA Debuts Multi-Flex Full Tang Interchangeable Set

Makers of premium fishing equipment launch the first-ever fillet knife with interchangeable full-tang blades

BUBBA Multi Flex Interchangeable Blade Set

BUBBA, a fishing lifestyle brand known for its high-quality angling equipment and gear by fishermen, for fishermen, has announced the launch of the Multi-Flex Full Tang Interchangeable Set. Perhaps the largest advance in fillet knife innovation since the debut of the original BUBBA fillet knife in 2011. This product is the industry’s first fillet knife with the ability to easily interchange full-tang blades of different lengths, edges, and degrees of flex. The Multi-Flex Full Tang Interchangeable Set is now available to consumers online and at BUBBA retailers across the nation.

Bubba Multi Flex

The Multi-Flex Full Tang Interchangeable Set, or Multi-Flex for short, is built with the brand’s iconic red non-slip grip handle and features a squeeze-and-slide Flex-Change™ mechanism for easy blade installation and removal. The set includes a handle, four BUBBA blades with varying edges, lengths and flex ratios, plus a premium EVA molded case designed to safely and securely store the entire system. Each blade is made of high-carbon stainless steel and coated in Titanium Nitride to prevent corrosion.

Bubba Multi-Flex replacement blades
The Bubba Multi-Flex replacement blades can be resharpened and are completely recyclable.

“We here at BUBBA take it very serious in striving to develop highly innovative products for the angling market,” says Josh Neville, Brand Manager of BUBBA. “Our team, again, has developed a first-of-its-kind product. No other knife on the market offers a full-tang interchangeable blade system, making our product extremely durable and very safe to easily swap out the different styles of blades for small, medium or large fish in any salt or freshwater environment.” Neville, added, “Now that a more functional and sustainable alternative is available, we anticipate anglers to fundamentally change the way fillet knives are used.”

The Multi-Flex is now available for nationwide shipping at bubbablade.com

About BUBBA™
BUBBA™ is a leading brand of fillet knives and fishing tools designed to perform flawlessly under the extreme conditions of saltwater and freshwater fishing. BUBBA™ products are made with the best available materials, as well as a patented knife handle design that enhances safety and ease of grip. BUBBA is committed to providing the necessary tools for safely and efficiently releasing or harvesting and processing sport fish, whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a novice angler. For more information about BUBBA™, visit bubbablade.com,

3 on “BUBBA Debuts Multi-Flex Full Tang Interchangeable Set

  1. Tom Fiala

    Great product! I own 4 of your knives plus your fishing pliers . Can I trade in my knives for the interchangeable set? Ha,Ha. your blades really hold an edge and i NEVER had my hand slipp off your sure grip handle.

  2. Raymond Burke

    This interchangeable knife set should be in every fisherman’s or chef of fish’ kit of knives.

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