Black Sea Bass Records

Take in the world and state black sea bass records.

World Record

While fishing at an offshore wreck in Virginia on New Year’s Day in 2000, Allan Paschall reeled in the current world record black sea bass, weighing 10-pounds and 4-ounces.


The black sea bass record in Connecticut was set by Mike Lane, who reeled in a 7-pound and 8-ounce fish. Lane was fishing at Six Mile Reef in 2005 when he hooked up with the gigantic sea bass.


The black sea bass record in Massachusetts is held by Aaron Costa, who reeled in an 8-pound and 15-ounce fish in May of 2007.

 New Hampshire

The black sea bass record in New Hampshire is held by Lucas Watson, who reeled in a 2 pound and 14 ounce fish on Aug. 8, 2006.

New Jersey

Steve Singler with the 9.0-pound black sea bass caught aboard the Voyager.

The black sea bass record in New Jersey is held by Steve Singler, who caught a 9-pound fish in 2015. Singler reeled in the sea bass while he was fishing on the Voyager out of Point Pleasant.  Singler’s massive fish was caught with bait and it bested the previous New Jersey record by just about 12 ounces. Eric Buntz says the fish had a massive head, and if it was a little more filled out, it could have been a world record sea bass.

New York

Sal Vicari from the Bronx holds the New York black sea bass record. Vicari caught a 9-pound fish while fishing off the coast of New York in 1993.


The black sea bass record in Maine is held by David Hutchins, who was fishing near Ogunquit when he caught a 1 pound and 7.5-ounce fish.

Rhode Island

The black sea bass record in Rhode Island was caught by K. McDuffie, who was fishing off the coast of Block Island in Oct. of 1981, when he hooked up with an 8-pound and 7.25-ounce fish. The sea bass measured 26-inches in length.

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