Angling Artists: Peter James Glenn

With a love for illustrating wildlife in a variety of mediums, Peter James Glenn combines textures, patterns, and colors to produce beautiful works of art featuring a variety of species.

Peter James Glenn trout

When unable to be outside, Peter James Glenn channels his love of fishing and nature into his artwork. “During those cold winter months, it’s a lot of tying flies and drawing. Artwork takes me back to the outdoors,” he explained.

Peter attended Syracuse University and graduated with a degree in advertising. While working in Colorado, he discovered he was straying away from what he truly loved, and he reached a point where he was hardly painting or drawing at all. Needing a change, he began teaching art classes part-time. He loved it, and after three years, he made the leap into becoming a full-time artist, teaching high school art and doing commissions on the side. “Teaching art has helped me immensely as an artist. It’s forced me to become more patient as well as look at my own process,” Peter said.
Peter James Glenn striped bass

Peter’s art has always straddled the line between abstract and realism. As a young artist, he disliked that about his work, but over the years, he grew to love his own style and learned to express himself more in his work. Glenn does commissions of all types, from skateboard designs, bands and festivals, illustrations, labels, clothing, weddings, events and, of course, fish, all in his playful style. More than anything, he loves drawing fish because of the unlimited options they provide. “Each one is full of detail and has its own unique look. I love painting new species of fish.” Glenn said.

Peter James Glenn largemouth bass Peter James Glenn striper

Striped bass are the most popular of Glenn’s commissions. With an increased focus on catch and release of big stripers, more anglers are asking Glenn to do large, to-scale paintings of their trophy catches.

Peter James Glenn saltwater variety

• To view more of Peter’s work, visit @peterjamesglenn on Instagram or his website


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