Angling Artists: Caroline & Lauren Grainger

Grainger Pottery Sandwich is a small, family-owned business on Cape Cod that creates high quality, handcrafted ceramic fish

Caroline and Lauren Grainger

Each summer during their high school and college years, Caroline and Lauren Grainger spent their time working for their uncle Geoff at his pottery shop in Marion, Massachusetts. He shared his passion and over 30 years of experience in ceramics and fishing, teaching the sisters the art of creating a wide range of unique ceramic replicas of marine creatures.

Grainger Pottery Sandwich seabass

After college, Caroline and Lauren decided to follow Geoff’s footsteps and start their own ceramic business out of a garage. As of this month, they are celebrating 10 years in business and their fifth year at their shop in Sandwich, Massachusetts.
Grainger Pottery Sandwich species display

The shop, Grainger Pottery Sandwich, is a small, family-owned business that creates handmade ceramic fish from hand-pressed clay. At Grainger Pottery Sandwich, Caroline and Lauren create over 100 different species of realistic ceramic fish, made to hang on the inside or outside of a home as wall décor. They have a local focus on all of the major New England species, plus a variety of southern, tropical, and freshwater fish. In addition to fish, they make a variety of shells and horseshoe crabs. The lifelike feel of their products stems from plaster molds crafted from real fish. Their appreciation for wildlife and art shows in the realistic portrayal of each fish.

Grainger Pottery Sandwich striped bass

Grainger Pottery Sandwich in East Sandwich is a continuation of Grainger Pottery, which is owned by our Uncle and Aunt, Geoff and Karilon Grainger. Our Uncle Geoff taught Caroline and Lauren everything they know in his shop. Geoff’s love for the ocean inspired him to create and design an array of products, which catered to both his hobbies of fishing and ceramics. With his help, Caroline and Lauren have expanded the fish making into Cape Cod, where there is a historic love and appreciation for both marine wildlife and art.

Grainger Pottery seabass being painted

For more information or to contact the shop, checkout:
Facebook: @gpotterysandwich
Instagram: @graingerpotterysandwich
478 Route 6A
East Sandwich, MA 02537
Phone: (774) 413-9055

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