Anglers: Speak Up for Herring and Defend Fishing Access

Atlantic herring are a critical food source for striped bass, bluefin tuna, and many other fish and wildlife species. Unfortunately, the herring stock is currently overfished. The commercial trawling fleet could be impacting your recreational fishing opportunities by outcompeting predators for food, creating conflicts with other user groups on the water, and removing severely depleted species like river herring and shad.

Fishery managers are evaluating what should be done to improve herring management, and are seeking public comments right now.
Your perspective could make a significant difference in the outcome of this decision-making process. Submit personalized comments via email until April 30 and attend an in-person hearing in your state to let your voice be heard.

Submit Comments: Defend Herring!



1 thought on “Anglers: Speak Up for Herring and Defend Fishing Access

  1. Daniel Bender

    to RI Fishery Management
    Pls cut herring harvest quotas by at least 20%. That way the herring industry makes a profit, but without wiping oiut the food source of so many larger fish.

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