81-Pound Striped Bass Update

Update: Read a full first-hand report from OTW writer Kierran Broatch here.


Here’s the facts, reported to us by Connecticut-based OTW writer Kierran Broatch: This morning, Striper Cup angler Greg Myerson weighed in a striped bass that registered 81.88 pounds on the scale at Jack’s Shoreline in Westbrook, Connecticut – almost 12 hours after it had been landed Thursday evening aboard a boat in Long Island Sound.

If Myerson’s fish is certified by the IGFA, it will be the new all-tackle world record striped bass.

Here’s a photo of the fish, taken earlier this morning.

Myerson 81 pound striped bass
Photo Credit: Kierran Broatch


42 on “81-Pound Striped Bass Update

  1. Ross Cooper

    Why would you not want to be eligible for world record status? Just seems silly to me!

    1. Randy Norkun

      a humble fisherman doesn’t need to be in that kind of light.I myself have caught plenty of trophy fish.Trout,bass,bullhead and pike.i never sought the pins that come for fish of that class.I know i caught them and have the pics to back them up!That’s good enough for me.

      1. Eric Lander

        So why weigh it in and register it as a Striper Cup catch – but not with the IGFA? You’ve already killed the fish and made it a trophy. Not finishing the job would be a poor decision, IMO.

  2. Eric

    World record or not, that’s a tremendous fish and it adds to the excitement of the Striper Cup. Also a testament to the current state of the fishery and the work it has taken to get to this point.

  3. Randy Norkun

    WOW! What a monster.Hatsoff to you.
    You know you have a record and that’s all that really matters to a humble fisherman.
    But, with all these monster fish and records being set this year leaves me wondering ;Why now?And why are these old,wise fish allowing themselves to finally be fooled by fisherman?what do they know that we don’t?

  4. Ed McLaughlin

    @Ross have you ever read Al Reynolds story? I think Greg did. Don’t kind of blame if thats the reason.

    1. Eric Lander

      I thought that too – but to weigh it in as a Striper Cup catch defeats that purpose. He’s already gotten the notoriety that comes with it, and he’ll face more scrutiny by not registering the fish with IGFA within the 30 day window.

      1. robert chatillion

        Get a grip sean. You need to come to terms with the fact that you are so utterly jealous of the Yankees 27 Rings. Yes Sean, TWENTY-SEVEN.

  5. sean

    It has to be a worlds record fish caught legit because he is wearing a Red Sox shirt. I would question the guy if he was wearing a Yankees shirt because they buy all their records.

    1. Joseph Lanouette

      Greg caught the largest striper last year at 68.8 pounds and had twoo other fish over 60 pounds. when I heard about the fish I knew it had to be Gregs. this fish is nno fluke, no pun intended

    2. J. Peter Hansen

      like u boston dudes haven’t bought everything? How about that crawford piece of crap, Gonzalez, etc. etc…. You only beat the Yanks because pig fat Poppi and Manny roid had the ultimate drug connections

    3. usmc1

      Don’t worry guys, Sean is a white sox fan. Yankees just swept them so he is a little angry

  6. Rabb

    Beautiful but sad.
    Reminds me of the person who looked for the oldest tree in the world and then cut it down.

  7. steven simon

    congrats, great fish it was just a matter of time before the record was broken.

  8. Tony Ferrecchia

    Hats off to the conservation efforts that made this possible and hats off to you and your effort. Register your fish with IGFA and enjoy your time in the spotlight as it may not last long at the rate these records are being broken. It’s real, you can see it touch it and weigh it. It’s not like it was bigfoot.

  9. Janet Messineo

    WOW, See that! You never know when a fish of a life time will come to you. Maybe I should come out of retirement and do a skin mount of that beauty! It is a beauty. Do you know the length and girth?

  10. Jessie

    Very nice catch , you are very lucky the fishing gods where looking abouve you that day , I know this is my dream catch .

  11. Turnstone

    Congratulations on the potential record!

    Wait! Lets all take a moment to get past the hoopla. The rational mind knows that something bad is going on with this fishery. Where are the scores of little fish? Why are we overrun this year with 29-33″ fish? I dont have the answers, but I hope we all THINK about this fact, and make lots of good little decisions which might lead to a greater collective impact……

    Again, great news on that big fish. Also interesting to note that hooks don’t rust out as quickly as people like to THINK they do….

  12. Commander

    Great job! This is probably the same fish I released twenty years ago…..

  13. G. Young

    Great for Greg Myerson, The new holder of the Worl Record Striper!

  14. miller

    there are a lot of huge fish around do to all those conservation measures . I have friends that are comercial fisherman and they have seen some enormormous fish this year ” alive of course” this record may not last long if these fat females keep gorging themselves.

  15. Ron Slater

    I am very happy for Greg and congratulations .
    in 64 , my dad caught at 64+ Striper it was the biggest of the year , but only #4 in the record books . But by math is was big 16lbs test line.

    Ron Slater

  16. David Pruitt

    Great job I bet you had a great time fighting that fish best of luck to you

  17. Capt John Knight

    Great job on landing that behemoth. Awesome fish and catch of a life time.

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