Yellowfin in the Canyons and Trout Fishing with Kids | S3 E04

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The tuna bite in the canyons has been hot, and as soon as Andy Nabreski gets the call that a spot has opened up on a trip to a juicy temperature break offshore, he leaves the office and bolts down to the harbor. Captain Duane Gelzer motors the crew more than 100 miles offshore, working hard to find the bite. Once a temperature break is located in Gilbert Canyon, rods start knocking down left and right as speedy yellowfin tuna raid the crew.

In the second half of this show, On The Water’s Chris Megan and Neal Larsson take their kids trout fishing on a local pond. To get kids into the sport of fishing, it’s important to get them catching right away, and there’s no better way than using PowerBait on freshly stocked trout.

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