On The Water’s Angling Adventures Presents Boston Harbor Blitz

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Tune in as On The Water’s Angling Adventures heads out to chase an epic late-summer topwater blitz on Boston Harbor!

With millions of baitfish pouring into the harbor, hungry striped bass and ravenous bluefish go on the attack. On The Water’s Kevin Blinkoff and Captain Tim Egenrieder of Angler Fish Guides Boston head out from Marina Bay in Quincy, locate the pogie schools and enjoy spectacular fishing for big stripers and hungry gator blues beneath the downtown Boston skyline.

Catch the action on NBC Sports Boston this Sunday, July 14 at 5:00 PM.

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8 on “On The Water’s Angling Adventures Presents Boston Harbor Blitz

  1. Capt. Sam Streubel

    Hey Guys,
    Just saw this mornings episode. Capt. Tim messaged me last night to tell me I was going to be on the episode. Thats me on “Therapy” Anyways, I am Mikes from Boston fishing charters/Avia Marias former 1st mate and am going out on my own this spring under the name SosFishing.com out of Marina Bay just a few slips from Capt. Tim. I would like to invite you guys out for some spring deepwater trolling for Stripers.. During the Spring run when everyone is inshore concentrating on casting plugs and soft plastics for Schoolies, we are out 6-8 miles with the lead core setups trolling live Macks catching 30lbers. If your interested in getting out wheather filming or just a day out I will leave my info and give you a heads up when we start catching.

    Tight Lines!!
    Capt. Sam Streubel,
    Sos Fishing charters LLC.

  2. Capt. Tom

    Can you tell me if and when this Boston Harbor episode will be repeated. -Tom

  3. Gary Joyal

    Let me know when you think its time to start catching blues and strippers in Boston Harbor again and charter programs you offer. Thanks


  4. Rich

    Trying to watch “Full Episode” of Boston Harbor Blitz …all I get is the highlights would like to watch the full show! what’s wrong? Thank You..Rich

    1. Jimmy Fee

      I forwarded your message to Bill Dean who handles the Striper Cup mailings, and he will be in touch.

  5. bunker

    What year was this filmed? Ive been fishing the harbor (all the spots in this episode) for the past 8-10 years and have NEVER seen a bluefish…anyone else see any recently? Would LOVE to get some on a fly rod in the harbor

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