Video of the Week: Tuna Chaos with Sea Money

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With the cold settling in, and the 2021 tuna season speeding off into the rearview, I’ve been really missing the summer tuna fishing. We heard reports of plenty of great trips, but seemed to be a day late to the best bites.  But thanks to videos like this one from Chris McIntee of Sea Money Fishing, we at least got a good look at what it was like when the bite reached chaotic levels.  It’s a long one, but with plenty of action, and the type of language you’d expect from a boat full of fishermen excited about the good tuna fishing.

2 on “Video of the Week: Tuna Chaos with Sea Money

  1. David Nemec

    I want to know when this fishing trip was, I just started tuna fishing in Cape May and we have to steam about 65 miles! I heard about the in shore Blue fin bite but didn’t believe it! Was this out around Sea Isle Ridge? My boat is a 25 ft Sea Hunt named Fishing Virus

  2. gwalter

    Wow, after 2 minutes of watching the “puke vision” video, I got more seasick than riding in a storm. Hope you guys got some fish!

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