Video of the Week: The Search for Blueback Trout in Maine

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Have you ever heard of a blueback trout?

These extremely rare fish are actually landlocked arctic char, and are native to a few lakes in Maine. Fly-fishing and filmmaking couple Chase and Aimee Bartee of Tight Loops went on a quest to catch these rare and beautiful native fish in a remote pond in Northern Maine.
This video above is episode 2 of this series, which I inlcuded because it featured the actual catching of blueback trout. You can see more background on the species, and what drove the Bartees to make this journey in the first place, in episode 1.

2 on “Video of the Week: The Search for Blueback Trout in Maine

  1. robert breen

    Thanks for the insight into our land. Artic Bluebacks were unknown to me. I am a saltwater fisherman. Bobby, Brunswick ME.

  2. Moe Demers

    My friend and I fished and caught these beautiful fish over 30 years ago. We flew in and stayed in a log cabin for 3 days and nights catching these at a pond called “Reed Pond”. We flew there out of Spencer Bay on Moosehead Lake. There’s a great story that goes with this if you are interested. Tight Lines,
    Moe D.

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