Video of the Week: Surfcasting for December Stripers

December marks the final days of the striped bass migration, and the final efforts for "one last fish" from the surf.

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For many anglers across the Northeast, early November marks the final days for striped bass fishing in the surf. The icy waters and blustery winds often deter even the most dedicated anglers from their efforts to catch just one last fish, as the door to the 2021 Striped Bass migration closes. This time of year, there are windows that create conditions more suitable for fishing and it is during these times that fishermen like Long Island’s James Schlick, refuse to throw in the towel early. While they may not be stripers of the size or quantity one would hope for, they’re the fish that surfcasters in New York and New Jersey have come to expect this time of year. These December outings provide the opportunity to put a few final bends in the rod before calling it quits on the season. Check out the video above!

The window for catching that last striped bass is closing quickly, which begs the question: What is the window to look for? Be on the lookout for drastic changes in weather patterns, and continue to monitor the moons. Stronger tides and fluctuating pressure are more likely to drive striped bass to feed on the remaining bait so they can fatten up before they either move South, or push into their back bay haunts where they’ll reside for the duration of Winter.  To see more on December Striper fishing, and hooking your last one of the year, visit this link.

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