Video of the Week: Spring Largemouth Bass on Cape Cod

Jimmy Fee and Joe Cermele search for a colossal, springtime largemouth bass on Cape Cod.

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I love freshwater bass fishing in the spring. It’s a great way to keep busy and get the juices flowing before the saltwater fishing season kicks off. Depending on seasonal temperatures and your location in the Northeast, prespawn largemouth bass fishing can begin as early as the end of February, and finish as late as the first week of May.

I am reading eagerly about the herring migrations here, as we approach my first spring on Cape Cod. It is during and after the herring spawns that the largemouth bass bite really heats up. In this video, Joe Cermele and Jimmy Fee battle the elements (and their appetites) while hunting for a springtime trophy largemouth bass on Cape Cod. For more about largemouth bass fishing and the herring run, check out this additional clip.

2 on “Video of the Week: Spring Largemouth Bass on Cape Cod

  1. Andre DeMoura

    Herring runs in massachusetts is normally in April. I hit the water all year round and have seen them in the mystic late March.

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