Video of the Week: Mike Ike’s Ice Pike

Professional bass fisherman Mike Iaconelli demonstrates trophy ice fishing on Lake George.

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The ice season is officially underway, with the exception of some unlucky regions of the Northeast. Coming from Long Island, I personally have never fished through the ice. Ice fishing is not the most popular way to fish on the island, because the ice was usually hit or miss year after year. It is available when temperatures drop low enough, but I get antsy and my attention span doesn’t exactly cooperate with the patience required for ice fishing. Although, I suppose if I had an ice outing like Mike Iaconelli in this video, I’d probably take more of a liking to it.

Here, Mike Ike talks about different species to target through hardwater, and shares some tips and pointers he’s learned over his years on the ice. He then puts his ice fishing skills to the test on New York’s Lake George, with his friend Rich Ortiz. If I’d had the potential to pull a 10-pound Northern pike from the water on Long Island as a kid, I’d have been more likely to try this out. Maybe 2022 will be the year that breaks the metaphorical “ice” for my ice fishing career. For now though, I’ll enjoy watching Ike’s hyper-excited ice escapades (quite a tongue twister) from my warm couch. For more northern pike action through the ice, check out this video from On The Water TV, Season 2!

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