Tagging Brown Sharks from the Beach

At the height of summer, when the stripers and blues have vacated the surf in search of cooler water, a larger, stronger, toothier predator moves within casting range of the beach.

On The Water’s Jimmy Fee joins John Malloy and shark biologist Dr. Jeff Kneebone with the goal of tagging shore-caught brown sharks on the South Side of Cape Cod. The crew hopes to learn whether this species can survive targeted catch-and-release angling.

Catch the full episode Sunday, May 3rd at 10 AM and 6:30 PM on NBC Sports Boston.

2 on “Tagging Brown Sharks from the Beach

  1. John

    This is an expanding pursuit and in reaction there are new signs showing up on NYS beaches this month via the Dept of Envi Protection saying it is against the law to catch three kinds of sharks: brown (sandbar) sharks like in this episode, dusky, and sand tiger, and all must be returned to the water if you catch one of them.

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