Switch to Circle Hooks When Fishing for Striped Bass

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When fishing with natural live bait or cut bait for striped bass, use in-line circle hooks to help protect the fishery.

In 2019, Atlantic striped bass were declared overfished. You can do your part to help the striped bass stock recover by reducing catch-and-release mortality. A circle hook is designed to prevent gut-hooking and has been proven to reduce release mortality in many fish, including striped bass. Learn how to use a circle hook when fishing for striped bass.
Please spread the word about this important change to protect one of America’s favorite fish, the striped bass.

5 on “Switch to Circle Hooks When Fishing for Striped Bass

  1. CM

    Couldn’t agree more, plus it’s the law , I’ve witness charter boats who are advertised here and who are on your shows still using the snag and drop with clients this week. Pretty sad. The desire and pressure to produce for clients should not outweigh the assistance these fish need to develop into the breeders to sustain the stock. These guides are talking out of both sides of their mouths. While the public should know this as well but this it may take time because we have all done this for years,accountability of the guides and permitted boats should fall into the hands of the clients who should be asking why they are doing this.the guides know it’s all over the permit paperwork/mass fish websites and on places like this. Everyone wants a trophy but there is good reason snag and drag is not allowed. Just so the guides know people see what your doing and it’s not right! Happy to start taking video for those who this comment strikes a chord with who is doing it and wants to defend themselves. Let’s just be better as stewards of the fishery..

  2. Raymond Smullen

    People fishing from shore or their private boats are NOT hurting the fishery. People who catch them in nets to sell and those who catch the fish the stripers and others feed on, are the ones hurting the fishery. Stop them and the fishery will bounce back.

  3. Steve Walker

    Commercial fishermen with nets, scooping up all types of fish, removing baitfish, etc. etc.
    The laws MUST be stronger and or better enforced to prevent this over fishing. Starts in Chesapeake Bay and “destroys” the surf fishing on Long Island and north.

  4. Bob Danielson

    I notice that all examples are from boats and not the surf. I’m not sure that fishing live baits, particularly live eels, from the surf will work with circle hooks. I sure wouldn’t want the rules to impact rigged eels either.
    Certainly not a method that ends with gut hooked fish like drifting from a boat.

  5. Matt W

    After a year my experience fishing eels from shore has been the circle hooks result in more gut hooks, as these hooks seem to be more easily swallowed than other hooks. Circle hooks are almost impossible to remove without injuring the fish as they must be rotated almost 360 degrees. I am very careful when it comes to catch and release and I am totally frustrated with circle hooks.

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