Surfcasting Essentials to Keep in Your Truck

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OTW Editor Jimmy Fee goes through his surfcasting “support system” that he keeps in the back of his truck all season long.

What are some of your surfcasting essentials? Let us know in the comments below.

The Breakdown

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3 on “Surfcasting Essentials to Keep in Your Truck

  1. Michael

    Backup laces: brilliant!
    As much as I’ve planned and prepped a similar car container with back up supplies, the laces never occurred to me. Now I won’t leave home without them.
    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Art Howe

    A few things to also consider:
    1) Sunscreen,
    2) Extra sunglasses,
    3) Insect repellent,
    4) Winter (preferably wool) hat and sun hat in summer,
    5) Extra neck gator,
    6) Spare raincoat,
    7) 12′ hollow tubular 1/2′ or 3/4″ wide web strap in high-viz color with hand loops sewn in at each end. This has unlimited uses and may be a lifesaver to rescue yourself or someone else. (I can sell you this, if desired),
    8) A compass,
    9) A U.S. Coast Guard rated whistle,
    10) One quart (or more) of fresh water,
    11) One emergency/rescue blanket,
    12) Complete set of spare clothing
    Art Howe,

  3. Bill

    Whats the licorice liquid used for? If you get it on your bait, you may have to wait 20hrs before it wears off, to get a bite! 🙂

    A cigar is also nice to keep the bugs away.

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