Striper Season Update – April 9, 2021

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On The Water’s Jimmy Fee and Kevin Blinkoff discuss the most recent update to the 2021 Striper Migration Map and explain how to be part of The Striper Cup.

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6 on “Striper Season Update – April 9, 2021

  1. Mike

    It would be great to have a menhaden migration map also. They are such a clear part of the big migrations of predator fish that follow them.

  2. Steve Moore

    Thanks for all the great resources, including the season updates and striper migration reports!
    The double treble hook lure which is part of the entry package for the Striper Cup seems to go against your catch-and-release, taking-care-of-the-fishery, do-everything-we-can-to-protect-them philosophy. FWIW, I’d rather have one of those On The Water hats!

  3. Lou Stool

    Maybe it’s time to end The Striper Cup? Now is a good time…

  4. Bruce Macleod

    Just wondering when I would receive my stripper cup package


    Agreed, since it’s now a glass that’s even less than 1/2 full. Let’s do bluefish this year & get rid of them too …

  6. Richard Fredericks

    I have to pay $52 to catch and release a bass, I don’t think so.

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