On The Water’s Angling Adventures: Spring Smallmouth In The Berkshires

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On The Water heads out to the Berkshire Mountains to meet up with long-time friend, Dave Hadden. Berkshire native Rick O’Neill shows Chris and Dave his favorite pond for smallmouth bass fishing.

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10 on “On The Water’s Angling Adventures: Spring Smallmouth In The Berkshires

  1. Lance Plack

    What is the name of the lake that was fished in Great Barrington Ma for Smallmouth bass

  2. Christian salamon

    I fish the Berkshires often and was curious where this pond is and how to access it? Any information will help!

  3. Phil

    I live in the Berkshires as well. I’m just curious as well, then why don’t they say that the land is private? I mean fishing private water is ok, but its very much different then water that is not publically accessed. I mean lets be honest, making a tv show showing fishing and its beauty of new England like “on the water TV” and then saying, “well its private” sorry no access. The series is great, but if the pond is private then the show is bogus!

  4. Robert Bastow

    No where the fish are ..hmmmmmm. always such a big secret.

  5. Peter Bourneuf

    Could be the Berkshire Fishing Club on Palmer Brook Reservoir in Becket. Mostly largemouth in there but who knows. Anyway, its private for members only. No outside boats allowed either.

  6. Pat

    Most likely Round Pond in Great Barrington. I enjoy the show but it does nothing for the average fisherman.

  7. RozzieBo

    On The Water, where? Why not let the loyal subscribers know where you’re catching such nice Smallies. We’re waiting.

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