Simms Presents “Hard Lined” film on Striped Bass

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This film, originally released with last year’s Fly Fishing Film Tour is now available to everyone.

It’s great to see companies like Simms getting behind the message¬†that it’s up to all of us to care for and speak up for striped bass.

This film has some beautiful footage of the Long Island and New England coast, and features some familiar anglers, including our good friend, Captain Rob Taylor of Newport Sportfishing Charters, who you hear in the opening moments of the 15-minute film.

As you watch this film, and remember everything you love about striped bass fishing, it’s also important to remember that every striped bass angler can play a role in protecting this species, beginning with giving the fish they catch the best chances of surviving release.

We’ll soon have another chance to speak up for stripers to the fisheries managers, and, as always, when the time comes for that, we’ll tell you how.


2 on “Simms Presents “Hard Lined” film on Striped Bass

  1. kevin e Slattery Maureen Ann Fishing , Onset

    Great Video. The conservation message is some thing we all agree with on one level or another. The narrator talks about ‘coastwise’ a couple of times. Unfortunately not all states are on the same page. For the benefit of the Massachusetts fishermen I will attach New Jerseys regulations. We have all been very careful to only catch our one slot fish and enforcement has been right on top of it ( as they should be) , but not so much elsewhere. It doesnt take much thinking to realize that NJ really has a 2 fish limit. One 24 to 38 ,yes 38, and one ‘bonus’. Cool to be them. If this gets you steamed up take a look at the Black Sea Bass regulations.

    New Jersey’s 2021 recreational striped bass regulations in all state waters are as follows: One fish 28″ to less than 38″ With a bonus permit, anglers can keep one fish at 24 inches to less than 28 inches from May 15 through December 31, 2021. Reporting bonus harvest within 24 hours is mandatory.

    Mass on the other hand…
    All Year 28″ to less than 35″ 1 fish

    Very different regulations.

  2. Ty McPherson

    Make it a protected gamefish. End the commercial harvest.

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