On The Water’s Angling Adventures Presents: Shore Fishing for Bluefish

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After a few years with virtually no spring bluefish run, the blues came back to Cape Cod in the late spring of 2020. They followed schools of adult bunker into casting range of the Cape’s bays and beaches. Kevin Blinkoff and Jimmy Fee hit the beach on an early June evening to throw topwaters and metals and enjoy the savage strikes and fierce fights of one of the Northeast’s greatest gamefish.

Catch On The Water’s Angling Adventures Sunday, August 7, at 10 AM and 7:30 PM on NBC Sports Boston!

• Read more about the cyclical nature: The Mysterious, Cyclical Bluefish


11 on “On The Water’s Angling Adventures Presents: Shore Fishing for Bluefish

  1. Ken Correndatore

    I ain’t catch a bluefish in several years- I used to catch em all the time

  2. Lee

    Me don’t catch em ain’t neither unless theys be real smaller now brother

  3. Rich

    I agree hardly any Bluefish around at least in RI. I think video would have been better to mention why the numbers dropped from shore. My opinion the drop of bunker

  4. Jim Crosta

    My grand-son and I went fishing last June and caught some giant stripers in Boston Harbor with Brian Coombs. He is down at Elon University in North Carolina and would like to watch last Sunday’s video.
    I subscribe to your magazine and was wondering if there was any way he could watch it?



    Try using a hook out, you don’t touch the fish. I made one and a holder out of PVC pipe that attaches to my surf belt. Works best with single hooks. Thanks for the video.

  6. Joe Sypek

    What beach were Jimmy and Kevin fishing from? Was it the same beach setting as the one in Episode 1 : Cape Cod Schoolie Stripers that Jimmy and Chris were fishing from (that looked like a beautiful setting)? Not familar with “South Basin” Beach? Thanks

    1. Adam

      Hey Joe,
      In the show they say “south facing beach”. Pretty much any south facing beach with a S – SW wind is ideal that time of year on the Cape for some bluefish.
      Thanks for watching!

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