Maine Coast Stripers

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The rocky coast of Maine provides a breathtaking backdrop for a summer day of fishing for striped bass. Chris Megan joins Captain Peter Whelan of Shoals Fly Fishing and Light Tackle to try a unique method of fishing live mackerel for shallow-water stripers among the boulders.

Catch the action on NBC Sports Boston this Sunday, August 23, at 10 AM and 7:30 PM!

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5 on “Maine Coast Stripers

  1. Brian

    Any chance we can get the full episode on the website? I like to watch it

  2. Martin

    April 12, Maine coast Striper video That’s when I say “that’s what I’m talking about”, Great photography, and good advice on bait, equipment and where to buy that particular bobber, you even included hook size and type of leader. You guys are the best.Martin in Freeport.

  3. Martin

    April 12 Striper video Is great. It tells you equipment, hook size, floral carbon, bait size,… That video gives away all the secrets. Thanks. Martin in Freeport.

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