On The Water’s Angling Adventures Presents: Shad Camp

Join On The Water's Angling Adventures when we head to New Jersey to intercept migrating American shad in the beautiful and wild Delaware Water Gap!

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Shad Camp is a spring tradition for Rich Swisstack and the members of the Hercules Rod and Gun Club. On The Water’s Chris Megan and Jimmy Fee visit the club for a few days to experience this rite of spring on the Delaware River.

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4 on “On The Water’s Angling Adventures Presents: Shad Camp


    Looks like a great time. May just have to pull the trigger this year. Maybe with the long rod.

  2. Chris

    Great video. Really enjoy fishing for shad got my daughter into last year and she can’t wait to go again. I did want to ask though what tackle were you using?

  3. Jack

    Deleware shad are the best on the fly rod. Simple flys, easy gear setup and setting the hook by hand is the best!

  4. vtbasser

    Fishing for their cousins the Hickory Shad in RI we have had great success using 2 1/2″ Fin-S fish in Arkansas Shiner on a small jig head.

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