See How Waders Are Made in Simms’ New Film

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I’ve spent a significant portion of my life in waders, but I’ve never really thought too much about how they were made, or the people who were making them…until I saw Simms’ new film, “Wader Makers.” This interesting look at the care and attention put into each pair of waders, from the design process to the final boxing and shipping, gave me a new appreciation for this essential piece of angling apparel.

From Simms:

“The best waders in the world are made by anglers in Bozeman, Montana. They stem from innovative design, cutting-edge materials, and tenacious testing. They’re also the end result of a painstaking process implemented by skilled workers who pledge allegiance to it every day. From a blank roll of GORE-TEX fabric, the same hands that double-haul sink tips and stroke drift boat oars cut, sew, and tape every wader that bears their mark. Each stitch is sweated for perfection. Every cut is made with fluid motion in mind. And confidence abounds at every step of the process. For over 30 years, this process has connected anglers around the world with their best days on the water.”

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