Watch the Full Episode: Rhode Island Blackfish

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Many fishermen hope to share their love of angling with the next generation, and in doing so, inspire a life-long fishing partner. That’s exactly what happened when Captain Joe Aiello introduced his daughter, Coral to fishing at an early age. Today, the two run Sara Star Charters out of Newport, Rhode Island. In mid-November, Chris Megan joins this father-daughter fishing team for a day of tog fishing.

Catch On The Water’s Angling Adventures Sunday, April 4 at 10 AM and 10 PM on NBC Sports Boston!

• To book a charter with Sara Star visit
• Discover the bottom-feeding saltwater fish called tautog: Tautog Fish Facts

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1 thought on “Watch the Full Episode: Rhode Island Blackfish

  1. Mary Aiello

    Great show with my brother Joe and niece Coral Rose Aiello! Excellent coverage with total naturals! Thank you!

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