Quabbin Reservoir Trout and Salmon and Worm-Hatch Stripers | S4 E08

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First off, Gene Bourque joins angler Bob May to do some controlled depth trolling for trout and salmon in the pristine Quabbin Reservoir. Employing a dodger and streamer setup fished off a downrigger, these fishermen find steady action with hefty salmon and lake trout.

Next, let’s head to Rhode Island to meet up with Jay Baver in Ninigret Pond, where the cinder worms are spawning and striped bass are stacked up to gorge on these easy meals. Fishing with On The Water contributing writer Bob Sampson, Jay casts 3-inch Slug-Gos on light tackle. Matching the hatch is critical here, but with so much bait in the water, finding the right action to elicit strikes is the difference between catching stripers and watching them feed. Fortunately for Jay and Bob, they crack the code and get into some fast action with schoolie bass.

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  1. Dix

    (Enjoy my subscription!) The link to your episode combining Quabbin and Ninigret Pond’s worm hatch lasts only 27 seconds. Am looking for worm hatch details please.

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