PREVIEW: New Jersey Sand Eels and Stripers

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Chris Megan and Jimmy Fee seek their last stripers of the season by boat and surf in New Jersey.

Catch the action on NBC Sports Boston Sundays at 10AM. (check your local listings)!

For more information on fishing the New Jersey Fall Run, check out this article by Tom Lynch.

2 on “PREVIEW: New Jersey Sand Eels and Stripers

  1. Roguewave

    Wow– risking early December frost- bite for 3- 5 lb. Stripers. Really?

    Is this what the late Fall NJ Striper surf run, has become? (If so, why bother…?)

    And to think– there are still some that say Striper populations are just fine… (Despite what Comms. & Charter/ Party boats do every day, May – Dec.). Oh, tat’s right– recs. who release, are killing all the SB/ reducing stocks!

    100% of kept / killed Stripers, are gone/ dead! 🙂

    Does anybody remember 2011 in the NJ Surf? Since that run– 3- 5 lbers., all Fall in the surf– tops! And you still suffer the cold– for that ?

    I’d rather suffer that cold, protesting outside DEC / Reg. offices all Winter!


    Thus, we’ll stop all the other B.S. obliterating Stripers!


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