Oak Orchard Brown Trout

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After hearing tales of 15-pound brown trout taken in a foot and a half of water, OTW TV heads to Upstate State New York to target monstrous fall trout on the fly. Once there, the crew finds Oak Orchard Creek to be an excellent angling alternative to the busy Salmon River, while still providing all of the same species and action. Chris Megan teams up with old friend Scott Glazier and Capt. Phil Bortz of the Schoolhouse Inn Guide Service to fish chilly water and a red hot bite. Hooking into some beastly trout right off the bat, Chris and crew get a look at big brown trout that can barely fit in the net. Tune in to learn tips and techniques for targeting big fish on the fly and see an all time first for OTW TV.

1 thought on “Oak Orchard Brown Trout

  1. Ed Piechocki

    I live 40 miles away from Oak Orchard, used to fish all the salmon/trout Derbies. Took a girl, who later became my wife, up there during the old ESLO Derby on our second date. She caught a 35lb chinook and a couple of lakers, and fell in love with fishing. That was years ago, and now I’m doing a fair amount of East coast/GOM fishing, but she won’t go. The latest boat sits in the yard or in storage for years. Lots of memories……

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