Noman’s Land Island

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On The Water’s Chris Megan and Neal Larsson make tracks for Nomans Land, an island 3 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard, in hopes of connecting with some of the giant striped bass that patrol the island’s rocky shores. Their host, Captain George “Twice” Tougas of Think Twice Sport Fishing, has years of experience fishing Nomans, which helps put the On The Water crew on some memorable fishing, starting with the very first cast! Before the cameras can even get rolling, Neal hooks into the day’s most shocking catch: a 40-plus-pound Atlantic torpedo. This species of ray is capable of producing 220 volts of electricity to stun its prey.

Eels are the order of the day, and the crew opts to fish them weightless on light tackle, swimming them over 13- to 20-foot depths around the island. Chris hooks into the first non-electrical fish of the day, and after a lengthy battle, subdues a hefty 31-pound striper. The action stays hot, and before long, Chris and Neal double up on 20-pound bass, releasing these large fish to spawn once again.

Underwater photographer Mike Laptew also pops up to give a fish’s perspective of what’s happening beneath the waves. Mike provides insight into striped bass movement, suggesting that the fish move around more than many anglers think.

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