Nighttime Blue Crabbing on Cape Cod

Learn how to catch and cook these tasty crustaceans.

Though firmly situated in “lobster country,” Cape Cod is the northernmost range of the blue crab. Being easily accessible, and totally delicious, blue crabs are one of OTW Cooking Columnist Andy Nabreski’s favorite summertime targets.

In this episode of Living Off The Land and Sea, Andy heads out after dark to gather enough blue crabs for a summer afternoon feast.
Nighttime Blue Crabbin
When crabbing at night, Andy leaves the traps and bait at home, and instead uses a spotlight and a dip net to catch these tasty crustaceans.

Afterwards, Andy shows how to clean, cook, and pick the blue crabs in order to get the most meat out of these delicious crabs.

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4 on “Nighttime Blue Crabbing on Cape Cod

  1. Mark “Crabman” England

    EXCELLENT video Andy!! I go crabbing every week in West Dennis, but I still picked up several useful tips (back-to-front scoop method, cleaning/picking techniques, J.O. #2 seasoning, which I just ordered on Amazon, gonna have a taste test versus Old Bay, and it’s hard to say “tear eachother to shreds” 🙂 ). I also enjoyed seeing your chickens and your garden vegetables, good to see some self-sufficient people around here. Thanks!

  2. Ron Biever

    I have been messing with blue crabs for 40 years and learned some great new tips! Thank you for that.

  3. Kinki Law

    this a great video. thank you .
    i want to ask if you can tell me where’s the best spot in Falmouth to do crabbing? look up places, they say Waquoit Bay is one of the better place? and which section do i go ?

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