Watch the Full Episode: New Jersey Back Bay Stripers

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OTW’s Chris Megan ventures down to New Jersey to fish the estuaries for striped bass with Captain Brian Williams of Badfish Fishing Charters.

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3 on “Watch the Full Episode: New Jersey Back Bay Stripers

  1. thomas r cox

    One of those most boring videos I’ve ever seen. Did they even catch anything. What a horrific representation of fishing in the triangle. Who was that guy and who was that plug builder

    1. Brian

      That guy…..haaaaa… Not the person he portrays himself to be on video

  2. Jonathan Turner

    I was fishing in Ocean City the same day you filmed this episode. At one point in the day I was fishing the same sound that this clip is in and caught a 10 pound bluefish. I’m so happy this fishery if finally getting shown. Some of the most fun low impact fishing around. Light rods, small plugs, light line, basically large mouth bass fishing but for stripers.

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