New Freshwater Tackle: FishLab Tackle’s BBZ BIO-RAT

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On The Water’s Robbie Tartaglia goes over how to fish the BBZ BIO – RAT from FishLab.

The new FishLab BBZ Bio-Rat was designed to be the ultimate topwater bait for big bass.

FishLab Tackle’s new BBZ BIO-RAT can be fished fast or slow, on a straight wind or a walk-the-dog style retrieve. The baits come standard with an easy-to-swap replaceable tail section as well as custom spinning feet that give off a huge splash and gurgling sounds drawing in big bites from a great distance. The FishLab Bio-Rat features tournament-grade black nickel BKK hooks to keep your fish pinned when you get bit. Available in five color options, Brown, White, Grey, Black, and Morning Dawn, the Bio-Rat Bio-Rat is the ultimate topwater bait for big bass creating a whole new wave of topwater explosions and excitement.

FishLab Bio-Rat Features:

  • Created by award winning lure designer Bill Siemantel – BBZ
  • Available in both a 7 ½” and magnum 10” size
  • Can be fished fast or slow on a straight wind or walk the dog retrieve
  • Easy to swap replaceable tail section
  • Custom spinning feet design gives off a huge splash and gurgle sound
  • Tournament grade black nickel BKK hooks

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