Watch The Full Episode: New England Weakfish

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Early season action on Cape Cod usually involves migrating striped bass and bluefish, but this past spring, another visitor made a strong appearance in the area — squeteague. More commonly known as weakfish, these fanged fish are voracious predators and violent fighters, yet they tend to fly under most anglers’ radars. Join Chris Megan and Jimmy Fee as they learn how to hunt these uncommon gamefish while wading through the bays and backwater estuaries of the Upper Cape. Using light tackle to target weakfish after the doldrums of winter, Chris and Jimmy enjoy the best weakfish action they’ve seen in years.

10 on “Watch The Full Episode: New England Weakfish

  1. Blanche Doolin

    where on cape cod were the weakfish found . I watched you show and you never mentioned where.

  2. blanche doolin

    My husband watched you show on the weakfish and was wondering if you could please tell him where on the cape you were, What bay or estuaries was it. Thank you

  3. Bob Martini

    I would like to take my younger sons and daughter
    specifically where and when. Thanks Bob

  4. B

    I had some success for squeateague while trolling a tube and worm for bass. Happened by accident but i was able to do the same pass and apply the same technique motor fishing and it worked and that was fishing the sakkonet river. In the late season i caught a lot of juveniles while fishing for skip jacks on shallow water with freshwater gear and small kastmaster lures.

  5. B

    All squeateague i caught were released. Lets hope the stocks get better n better.

  6. Joe GaNun

    I think that this is the best single e-mail I have ever received from OTW. Thanks for all the work (and fun ) putting it together. Question about weakies. “How do you put your fingers in that mouth with those giant upper fangs ?” Thanks

  7. Ken

    What a beautiful area you guys live in. So refreshing to see weakfish that far North. Wondering if they showed up the following year in the same spot?

  8. Mohamed bahaj

    Are they have a bluefish here in Fall River to targeted it????
    Thanks guys

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