Nantucket Shoals Fluke

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Join On The Water’s Chris Megan and Anthony DeiCicchi as they travel off the coast of Nantucket aboard the Helen H to target doormat Fluke along the historic Nantucket Shoals. Previously known for its treacherous waters, the Nantucket Shoals are home to some of the largest Fluke the Northeast has to offer.

• For more information on fluke fishing the Nantucket Shoals, check out Jimmy Fee’s article Flatfish Nirvana

2 on “Nantucket Shoals Fluke

  1. Tiffany c

    Would love to see fishing reports!!! T.y cool website tho !!!

  2. Chris

    How do I get to see the Helen H fluke show? Will it be on again, can I view it online? Thx!

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