Live-Lining Scup for Stripers and Casting to False Albacore | S2 E03

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Captain Blaine Anderson takes OTW’s Karrie-Ann Bienas out of Niantic, Connecticut, to live-line scup for stripers. Blaine explains the rigs he uses for catching the scup (porgy) and stripers, and then demonstrates how to put them to use.

Next, Neal Larsson joins Captain Eric Wilder on a false albacore expedition that sets out of Niantic and goes from the Sluiceway to Plum Gut. The speedsters are feeding heavily, and before long, Neal’s drag is put to the test by one of New England’s hardest-fighting inshore fish.

Part 1 – Stripers
Location: Niantic, CT
Date: June 2005

Tackle: Penn 330 GTI spooled with 30-pound-tect PowerPro braided line on a medium-heavy boat rod.

Rigging: Size 5/0 treble hook attached to 4 feet of 50-pound-test fluorocarbon, tied to a Spro three-way swivel. Tie 20-pound-test monofilament to the other part of the three-way swivel with a 10-ounce bank sinker or enough weight to hold bottom.

Technique: Three-way Rig and Live Bait

Bait: Live Scup (Porgies)

Part 2 – False Albacore
Location: Niantic, CT
Date: Fall 2005

Tackle: Shimano Stradic 4000 spooled with 30-pound-test braided line on a 7-foot medium-action Tica surf/jetty rod.

Technique: Casting Artificial Lures
Lure: 4-inch pearl-colored Zoom Salty Super Fluke on 3/8-ounce white jighead.

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