Live-Lining Perch for Largemouth Bass/Nantucket Bluefish Tournament | S4 E04

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Andy Nabreski hits one of the many ponds on the southern Cape to target plus-sized largemouth bass. In ponds with lots of fishing pressure, bass lose interest in store-bought shiners and artificial lures, and baiting up with naturally-occurring forage fish, such as yellow perch, becomes the best way to dupe ole’ bucket-mouth. After catching the bait, Andy prepares a slip float rig for the bass.

With the perch set 2 to 4 feet off the bottom, Andy hooks into some big New England largemouths eager to show how much they enjoy this forage fish.

Next we join the On The Water crew on the back side of Nantucket, where they will troll for blues in the annual Osterville Angler’s Club Bluefish Tournament. Tune in to see if Captain Neal Larsson’s strategy of catching as many bluefish as possible in order to find the big one pays off.

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