Reel Adventures: Stormy Weather Largemouth Bass Fishing

Stormy weather can stir up great bass fishing. Jimmy Fee heads to a local bass pond on Cape Cod during an early spring storm and found the pre-spawn largemouth bass feeding heavily in the windy and wet conditions.

Fishing in foul weather is a great way to ensure that you’ll have plenty of room to yourself on the water, and be maintain a safe distance from other anglers (and often catch plenty of fish).

Trying a few different early spring largemouth lures like jerkbaits and bladed jigs, it became clear that the lipless crankbait was the hot ticket. Even when the water is cold, a lipless crankbait is a top choice for spring bass

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  1. Shawn b

    I’m new to fishing whats a lipless crankbait? A pic if u have one. Would help me out greatly.

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