Cooking Kentucky Fried Fish

Andy Nabreski demonstrates how to cook rainbow smelt using the 11 secret ingredients from Colonel Sanders' famous recipe.

With a cooler full of bite-sized rainbow smelt from his trip to Maine, Andy Nabreski tries one of his favorite fish-frying recipes, Kentucky Fried Fish.

Directly from his kitchen on Cape Cod, Andy discusses the 12 secret ingredients in Colonel Sanders secret recipe, and demonstrates how to fry smelt with the special mixture of flour and spices. Andy says it’s just as good on fish as it is on chicken.

Full Recipe: Kentucky Fried Fish

0:00 – Introducing Kentucky Fried Fish
0:30 – How a journalist discovered the 12 secret ingredients
2:25 – Preparing and cleaning the fish
4:15 – Measure the flour and secret spices then blend them with a whisk
5:40 – Add the mixture into a Ziploc bag
6:00 – Pour kosher salt on the smelt to remove excess moisture
6:25 – Place the fish in the bag until they’re evenly covered
7:00 – Refrigerate for 15-minutes
7:30 – Empty a container of canola oil into an electric fryer
8:00 – Set the fryer to 350°
8:15 – Gently drop the fish into the canola oil and cook for 4-minutes
9:00 – Remove the fish when the oil stops bubbling and place them on a cooling rack
9:30 – Sprinkle some salt on the fish and enjoy!
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  1. Darren Gilfoy

    I’m from Kentucky, I ain’t never heard of no Kentucky fried fish- fried catfish- sure- is this some Q anon thing?

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