Jigging Lake Ontario Brown Trout | S9 E07

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The plan was a strange one: leave the cape during the peak saltwater fishing season to see if a technique commonly used for striped bass and tuna – vertical jigging with butterfly jigs – would work on the freshwater fish in Lake Ontario. There OTW’s Neal Larsson meets up with Capt. Chris Gatley of Navionics. Leaving from Greene point Marina on the most eastern edge of the great lake they waste no time gearing up and getting out on the water. Chis has pioneered this method of jigging up freshwater giants for decades and he set a waypoint on the chart plotter for a potential hot spot 12 miles away. Chris’ hunch pays off and the two anglers find a huge pile of aggressively feeding fish. Using both electronics and the butterfly jigging techniques watch as Chris and Neal try something new on the great lakes and have some huge success.

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