Fishing Paddle-Tail Swimbaits for Striped Bass

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Of the many gear changes that have made fishing in the Cape Cod Canal more accessible over the past decade, the development of heavy, sand-eel-style swimbaits like the FishLab Mad Eel has helped anglers easily present a lifelike bait to the stripers hanging on the bottom.

On The Water’s Jimmy Fee walks through the features of the FishLab Mad Eel, and why it excels in the deep, fast waters like the Cape Cod Canal.

4 on “Fishing Paddle-Tail Swimbaits for Striped Bass

  1. Dan

    Great video. Thank you. What type of tape is Jimmy using on his casting finger?

  2. Danny

    What kind of reel is Jimmy using while slingin it into the “ditch”..?
    Looks smooth

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