First Look: FishLab Bio-Shad Wake Bait

The new Bio-Shad Wake Bait draws big topwater strikes from a variety of freshwater fish.

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On The Water’s Anthony DeiCicchi gives a first look at the newest bait from FishLab, the Bio-Shad Wake Bait.

The Bio-Shad Wake Bait is a hard-bodied single-jointed topwater bait with a classic wake action at any speed. Available in 4” and 6” sizes, these lightweight topwater baits are great for drawing big strikes.

You can work them at a slow crawl all the way up to a fast burn and you won’t get blowouts. The double pinned joint connection strengthens the bait and keeps the bait running true. Bio-Shad baits are a double hooked bait and feature a rear treble hook as well as a pre-rigged nose split ring.

These baits excel in a range of conditions, but Anthony has found that they shine at night when crawled across the surface. Even on the very slow retrieves often used by anglers after dark, the Bio-Shad Wake Bait puts out an enticing v-wake.

Currently available in four striking patterns including, Shad, Sexy Shad, Golden Shiner, and Chartreuse Shad, these baits are bound to drive bass and striped bass wild.

  • 4-inch model: 3/4 oz.
  • 6-inch model: 2.75 oz.

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