Field Test Favorite: Game On! X-Walk Topwater

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This spring, the OTW crew has taken a liking to a new topwater bait from Game On! Lures, the X-Walk Topwater. Above, OTW’s Andrew Burke walks us through the features of this versatile bait.  This 6 inch, 2-ounce topwater lure has a spook-style shape with a cupped face. It can can be worked frantically on the surface like a pencil popper, which has drawn some explosive strikes from bluefish , and excels when ‘walking the dog” at a slower cadence. On a recent shoot of On The Water Angling Adventures, the OTW crew fished this lure in the rips off the coast of Cape Cod, and captured this lure in action as it was slammed by striped bass.

At six inches in length and two ounces, it can be thrown on light inshore gear as well as larger surf setups, and punches through the wind well. With through-wire construction and VMC hooks out of the box, it can handle larger fish. Additionally, it comes standard with a treble up front, and an inline single on the tail to strike a balance between a good hook up ratio and minimizing damage to the fish.


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