Fall Run Stripers and Albies

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With the fall migration in full swing, the OTW TV crew searches for aggressive striped bass and false albacore that put tight tackle to the test.

In the first segment, Chris and Neal team-up with Captain Terry Nugent of Riptide Charters to take advantage of blitz-style False Albacore fishing happening right outside the harbors of Nantucket Sound. The crew spots fish slashing through bait on the surface right away, resulting in heart-racing action with incredible visuals. Captain Terry Nugent also does his best to teach effective boat positioning techniques that are both courteous to other boats and essential for keeping the anglers on the fish longer.

Next, Patrick Sebile of Sebile Lures joins Neal Larsson on an adventure down to the Elizabeth Islands. When they arrive, schools of stripers are on the feed and corralling small bait in tight to the shoreline. Patrick’s lures are able to match the peanut bunker the stripers are feeding on, causing the action to heat up quickly. Neal and Patrick manage to land a few fat stripers, showing just how explosive late-season fishing can be!

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