On The Water’s Angling Adventures Presents Daytime Swords

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Head Offshore with On The Water’s Angling Adventures for an unforgettable Swordfish trip!

Host Chris Megan teams up with On The Water Contributor John Pilcher and the crew of the Rowdy Dow as they seek to target swordfish during the day, a tactic John Pilcher has been perfecting after adapting many of the techniques learned while fishing for swords in waters off Florida.

Join On The Water’s Angling Adventures this Sunday, July 27, at 10 AM and 7:30 PM on NBC Sports Boston!

For more on Daytime Swordfishing read John Pilcher’s article on Daytime Swordfish.

5 on “On The Water’s Angling Adventures Presents Daytime Swords

  1. Mike Ciolek

    Really enjoyed this show Chris, John and crew of Rowdy Dowd are solid…one of your best yet, well done!

    Mike C

  2. Roman

    That’s not fishing. Push a button and it reels itself. Angler doesn’t do any of the work. Might as well use a commercial net and let the hydraulics do all the work. If you can’t reel from that far down, than don’t do it.

  3. Jon Pilcher

    seriously……… It is extremely complicated and technical and very special fishing( in my opinion).Angler does a ton of work, and without an experienced one will never get a bite. Just tending bottom is very difficult, as is moving the bait to entice a strike. You can fish with breakaway weights and leave weight on bottom and fight fish manually. Also with our setup, we often fight fish manually….. but I will challenge you to reel up twice without assist from 1800 ft with 10 to 14# weight and 2200 ft of line out in a 4 knot current when don’t hook up.
    The fish that wasn’t shown on that shoot because of camera was bigger and was reeled from 1600 feet all manually, fought for 2 and 1/2 hours by yours truly , went back to the bottom 3 times before game done. Don’t knock it till have tried it.We are not talking stripers in 30 feet of water.

  4. Harley Dee

    Back in the late 80’s I kept my Tiara at Allen Harbor Marine (owned by the Nichols family) in Harwichport. In your TV piece this Sunday the Rowdy Dow/Bertram looks like the same boat that was docked a few slips from my boat. Wondering is you know the history of the Rowdy Dow and whether or not she is the same boat I know from my days at Allen Harbor

  5. Capt Bill

    Yes it is the same boat …I captain it for Walter the owner, Rowdy Dow has been at Allen Harbor since 1990. Great heavy classic Bertram, we have been doing a lot of Canyon trips on her and she raises fish well out at the edge. For those Skeptics on Canyon fishing for Swords I suggest you try it first before knocking it. If you have never done a Canyon Trip 120 miles offshore I suggest you get it on your bucket list.

    Capt Bill, Rowdy Dow

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