Watch the Full Episode: Buzzards Bay Black Sea Bass

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Every spring, schools of big black sea bass invade the shallow waters of Buzzards Bay to feed and spawn, providing an opportunity to catch these fish on light tackle. Join Chris Megan and Anthony DeiCicchi when they make a springtime run to the bay to catch these unique fish and bring some home for the dinner table.

Are you wondering what gear Anthony and Chris were using? Tap the link to learn about all the tackle and gear they used in the sea bass episode.
Catch On The Water’s Outdoor Adventures Sunday, April 25 at 10 AM and 5 PM on NBC Sports Boston!

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Buzzards Bay Fishing Report

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6 on “Watch the Full Episode: Buzzards Bay Black Sea Bass

  1. Kai Cormier

    Can’t wait for this!
    Hopefully big Andy nabreski can keep on with the great recipes!

    1. Dave amaral

      Thanks Andy
      Keep it up with recipes and living off the land .
      We were fortunate to have last bag of seabass and used your cebolads recipe
      Turned out great
      Thanks Dave

  2. jon churchill

    I love catching Black bass in the Bay, I hope i can get down to the cape a few times in May,Had a blast last summer still catching them in August.

  3. Bob

    The NY season opens at the end of June. You can keep 3 fish initially and then 7 fish in the fall. They move into progressively deeper waters through the fall

  4. Edmund B Pyle IV

    Loved your video! Sea Bass fishing junkie! Out of CT. Watched the regulations change drastically over last 10 years, wondering why?

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