Bluefish From Above

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You may think of bluefish as being ruthless predators unable to control their bloodlust long enough to create a coordinated attack. And that’s a fair assessment. From sea-level, bluefish blitzes are messy affairs. Bait sprays in all directions, bluefish seem to be striking everywhere all at once, and the mayhem is often short lived as the bluefish are blamed for scattering the bait, and sending them running to parts unknown.

But this footage, taken off Long Island by OTW Contributor Chris Paparo of Fish Guy Photos, tells a different story. Instead of the disorganized chaos we associate with a bluefish blitz, in this video the bluefish look more like sheepdogs corralling a very frightened flock of menhaden.

6 on “Bluefish From Above

  1. Joe

    Like to know where to fish with my boat in the ocean by Atlantic City And where r the fish

  2. jack rutherford

    I just gave up my daily, summer-time swim in salt water!

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