Bluefin Tuna in the Fog | S4 E03

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Chris Megan, Neal Larsson and Andy Nabreski turn their bow toward the shipping lanes 20 miles east of Chatham in hopes of hooking up with some migrating bluefin tuna. Once on the fishing grounds, the crew sets out a seven-rod spread, dragging spreader bars, daisy chains and cedar plugs. Heavy fog hinders the search for whale and bird activity, both positive signs of feeding tuna, but a fish call comes over the radio, and after a short run, the crew has their first knock-down of the day on a black/purple spreader bar. Chris is the first to go toe to toe with the tuna, putting the fish in the boat and on ice in short order.

Two hours pass before the next strike, and this time Andy’s on the rod, making quick work of a healthy bluefin and releasing it after a few quick photos. With helpful communication between boats in the tuna fleet, the guys put together a solid catch despite difficult conditions.

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